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 Forever Homes 

CavRealm takes the upmost care to ensure that all our cavaliers are placed in only the best, forever homes. We try to match our cavalier's unique personality to their pawrents' lifestyle to ensure the best fit. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our lovely families for providing our beloved cavaliers with terrific, loving homes that truly provide for them as one of the family. Welcome to the CavRealm family!

Inferno with Amalee Daniel Rose and Tilly small.jpg

Kobe has found his forever home with his new mate, Tilly to give Daniel, Amalee and the lovely, Rose lots of cuddles and adventures.


Born 25/03/2023

CavRealm Arien Inferno

Bella hat.jpg

Bella will be enjoying the sunshine by joining Peter and Glenda in North Queensland to become their companion.


Born 25/03/2023

CavRealm Arien Bellatrix

Cavalier Puppy Ollie from Cavrealm in Brisbane Qld
Cavalier Puppy Cavrealm Arien Onyx Brisbane Qld

Ollie has found his forever home with Rohanna with plenty of other Cavaliers in her family for him to meet! Pictured with Moxie and Skye.


Born 25/03/2023

CavRealm Arien Onyx

Cavalier Puppy Yogi Cavrealm Arien Alpha Sunshine Coast Qld
Cavalier Puppy Cavrealm Arien Alpha Sunshine Coast Qld

Yogi has teamed up with Tara to be her full-time companion and heart cavalier.  Yogi is destined to excel at this!


Born 24/03/2023

CavRealm Arien Alpha

Cavrealm Cavalier Shine in Sunshine Coast Qld

CavRealm Night Glimmer

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy owners with Shine


Born 22/07/2021

Shine has been extremely lucky to find not one but three loving forever family members: Peter, Kim and Ryan; to do what cavaliers do best, become their "Love Sponge".

Cavrealm Cavaliers Blaze, River and Dusty in the Sunshine Coast Qld
River 20211119_174748(0).jpg

River has joined his brother, Dusty to job share as a therapy dog with Dr Shelley. The family love having the brothers together!


Born 19/07/2021

CavRealm Celestial River

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Winston with owner in Sunshine Coast Qld

Winston has moved to Brisbane to become a part of the Mason Family. He is sure to enjoy playing with his new buddy Eamon.

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Winston


Born 19/07/2021

CavRealm Celestial Light

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Dusty with owner in Sunshine Coast Qld

Dusty has began his new career as a therapy dog with Dr Shelley. He is also a newly loved member of their household.

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Dusty


Born 19/07/2021

CavRealm Celestial Moondust

Tilly has ventured to the Gold Coast with Glenn & Del Wecker for sun filled days at the beach. Tilly is eager for catch ups with her brother, Copper, now they are both Gold Coasters!

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Tilly


Born 19/07/2021

CavRealm Celestial Dream

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Tilly with owners in the Sunshine Coast Qld

CavRealm Night Moon

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Arlo with owner in Sunshine Coast Qld


Born 23/07/2021

Arlo landed in his forever home with the Daley family, to become Eli's little buddy. Pictured with Rebekah and Eli.

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Arlo
Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Claire with owner in Sunshine Coast Qld

Claire is in great hands, living with her loving new owner, Brooke and her parents near the beautiful Bribie Island.

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Claire


Born 19/07/2021

CavRealm Celestial Beauty

CavRealm Night Starlord

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Copper with owner in Sunshine Coast Qld


Born 23/07/2021

Leo settled into his forever home with Nicole and Matt Vaughan to become Nicole's treasured companion. They kept his name from birth which is also his star sign.

20210905_153908 CavRealm Night Starlord.jpg

CavRealm Celestial Comet


Born 19/07/2021

Copper found his forever home with the Ruby Family on the Gold Coast. He was named after the Mathematician and Astronomer Copernicus, whom modelled the universe around the sun rather than the moon.

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Copper
Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Zodi with owner in Sunshine Coast Qld

Zodi went to his forever home with the Philips Family on Mother's Day 2020 at 14 weeks old. Zodi is a well-loved family member.

Cavrealm Cavalier Puppy Zodi


Born 02/02/2020

CavRealm Cosmic Zodiac

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