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© 2018, CavRealm | Three Blenheim cavaliers; Chase, Skye and Spot actually on Blenheim Road, Laidley in Queensland.


Cavrealm Cavaliers on Blenheim Road in Queensland

Our breeding program includes healthy bloodlines, genetically tested, structurally sound and good temperament Cavaliers. Every Cavalier puppy we breed begins with Puppy Culture protocols to encourage well adjusted, socialised and happy Cavaliers.

Chase was our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel we brought home in 2015.  Chase joined our Seal-Point Birman cat, Jasper and our Golden Retriever, Cosmo. Chase was as delightful as Cosmo, only alot easier to manage due to his smaller size. This began our passion for Cavaliers.

In 2017, we began monthly visits to Durack in Brisbane to watch the conformation shows where we met registered Dogs Queensland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders and owners.


Gary and Lynne Heyden of Parov Kennels entrusted us with our first Main Registered Cavalier, Spot in December 2017. Spot was 8 weeks old and we couldn't resist keeping his endearing nick name. Spot's sister, Skye joined us in Queensland when she was 5 months old.

ANKC Registered
Cavrealm Cavaliers on the Sunshine Coast Qld Queensland

© 2020, CavRealm  | Christopher with Chase, Loraine with Moxie and Skye, Ray with Blaze and Spot at his feet.

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