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Expressions of Interest for CavRealm Cavaliers

Currently we only have one FEMALE Blenheim Cavalier "SHINE" available (Chestnut and White markings). Our cavaliers are only available on limited registration but this still allows entry to all dog sports. Limited registration means our Cavaliers are  not available for export, conformation showing or breeding.


We are currently requesting submissions for "Expression of Interest" for Shine. It is not a first-come-first-serviced basis, as our responsibility is to match the very best home to each individual cavalier's needs with their prospective owner's needs. Cavaliers are placed to approved homes only which include a home visit. You will also be welcomed to visit our home where she lives inside with us. Please note we do NOT send our cavaliers interstate.

Please click on the link to go to the form to register your interest.


General Contact Information

CavRealm Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is our passion but it is a hobby, not a commercial business.  We have outside jobs and only have a couple of litters  every year/s. Please be patient for our response.


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we look forward to hearing from you.

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